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Tobey R.
It has been my great pleasure to coach with Christelle. Christelle brings tremendous positive energy to each coaching session. She has a very natural flow to the coaching session with asking questions that bring about insight, motivation, and action. Christelle is very passionate wanting to partner with you and help you achieve your goals. She does this artfully by holding a safe space, listening, and using her intuition (from her extensive experience) to ask questions. I would highly recommend Christelle to anyone looking for leadership life coaching.

April N.
Ontario, Canada
Coaching was offered through work and it was expected that all senior management participate in the opportunity – but presented as a “benefit” rather than an “expectation”. Christelle, as my coach, never gave answers but used questions and statements to make me think beyond what was in front of me. It allowed me to work through issues without judgement and there were no concerns of repercussions. Without the fear, it was easier to look at all sides, gaining confidence in moving through issues in a professional and insightful manner.

Stacey M.
Ontario, Canada
When I began working with Christelle, I was unsure as to what specifically my goals were or what to expect, however I knew that my overall resilience was low, and my stress level was quite high. Christelle challenged me through questions and conversation to think about various parts of my role, my goals and my assumptions with a different lens. While this was not always easy, it created the space I needed for me to look at a challenge or roadblock in a different light. Several times through the process, I experienced ‘lightbulb’ moments as I answered her questions, which enhanced my ability to look at ways to resolve some of the concerns and helped me to identify actions and planning to avoid certain pitfalls in future. As we wrap up our coaching journey, I leave with tools, insight and a plan to support my ongoing journey in a manageable and sustainable way. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Christelle and would recommend her to anyone looking to experience growth and forward momentum in their work and life.


Anindita M.
The first minute I spoke to Christelle, I had to comment on the joy her voice emitted and got curious to know where that came from. It was contagious. As I continued engaging with her, I learnt about the wonderful journey of struggle and success that she went through, and is now ready to create that same story of success and joy in others' lives through her work. I definitely cherish our coaching interactions and I am sure you would too!

Ihuoma O.
I have been in a rewarding peer to peer coaching relationship with Christelle for some months. I have benefitted from her coaching in a number of ways. She is thoughtful, professional and easy to relate with. I experienced her cultural savvy and this helped us get on well despite coming from two very different cultures. She asks powerful questions in a way that sets you thinking and reassessing your beliefs and perspectives. Christelle is passionate about helping women in the tech world where she has a lot of experience - in addition to continuing to help people generally gain insights to their challenges and improve their performance. Thanks, Christelle for crossing my path in our coaching journey.

Ishwariya R.
I really appreciate the generous space that Christelle held for me during our session. I had her encouragement to reflect on what was current for me - something that I really needed to take the time to do during a period of intense personal growth. It was also useful when she asked questions that prompted me to ground those realisations into concrete action steps, so I could fully embody them, and not just know them intellectually.


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Sandy T.
Ontario, Canada
Christelle provided me with the space and respect during our coaching sessions that were pivotal for me to take action steps towards my goal. I felt heard and valued. Christelle’s questions were thought provoking which encouraged me to see things differently. Working with Christelle has been rewarding and a positive step forward in my pursuits.

Raswella W.
The essence of coaching is to collaborate, explore and partner with a client. As a coach, Christelle connects with clients in a way that makes them feel comfortable and confident about achieving their desired outcomes. Christelle's international experience means her coaching practices centre around the ICF competencies, and Christelle's coaching questions are thought-provoking and demonstrate her active listening skills, as well as her empathetic approach to the coaching process. I would highly recommend Christelle as a coach

Mike D.V.
British Columbia, Canada
Christelle's industry and professional background ensures that her coaching is grounded in reality, actionable, and honing the skills needed to lead and thrive as a whole and balanced person. Working with Christelle is always a great experience. Her questions are well considered and invite you to reflect deeply on how you show up as a professional and as a person. Her coaching has a strong bias toward action, and constructively invites you to make positive changes to your thinking and your daily activities.
Michael D.
Ontario, Canada
I have had the pleasure of working with Christelle as a coach. She is a caring and thoughtful coach that can help bring clarity to an issue. She asks insightful questions that get right to the heart of the issue. She is open and curious about her clients. She is respectful and kind. She allows her clients to gain a new understanding of themselves and where they are at. She enables them to see what is in their way and how to get around it. I highly recommend Christelle as a coach.

Richard H.
Massachusetts, USA
Christelle is a thoughtful and concerned coach whose commitment to me was outstanding. She asks thoughtful, insightful questions that promoted my creative thinking and allowed me to come up with my own satisfying, helpful solutions. She's bright and knowledgeable. I recommend her heartily.

Steve H.
It was apparent right away that Christelle is very insightful and has the ability to help her clients navigate uncharted territory. When her and I would finish a session I always had a better sense of direction. My mind was clearer being more focused on what I was doing. I would highly recommend her, Christelle knows her stuff.

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Ereza F.
Ontario, Canada
I met my coach, Christelle Soto-Suarez, as part of the MentorSHE program. Enlightening, provoking, and supportive, my coach had an enthusiastic sense of humor and enabled me to see a clearer path to achieving both my personal development and career goals. Overall, working with a professional coach has been an invaluable experience. The approaches practiced and developed with my coach (and the confidence gained) will enable me to continue to improve, even at the end of our coaching sessions and later in my career/life. Therefore, I would highly recommend her to anyone regardless of what stage they are in their career.

Thomas L.
Ontario, Canada
Christelle is an excellent coach who is genuinely curious about her client's personal growth journey. I've had the pleasure of receiving a few coaching sessions from her and found her to be very open-minded, curious and easy to connect with. I particularly appreciate her ability to accompany me respectfully, remain extremely attentive to how I respond, and ask thought-provoking questions. She takes great interest in getting to know who I am and how I see things with great fascination and non-judgement. I've learned a lot about myself from working with her. I highly recommend Christelle's coaching to anyone interested in personal leadership and development!

Jane H.
British Columbia, Canada
I really enjoy my peer coaching sessions with Christelle. Christelle and I come from a similar background (women in STEM), and I always appreciate her tact of asking the powerful questions at the right time that allow me to go beyond the surface and explore something deeper. I have many "AHA" moments when coached by Christelle and from those, am able to come up with my own creative solutions. Thank you Christelle for this partnership!