Wanting to grow, to develop ourselves both professionally and personally is great…

But it’s also great to, sometimes, take a break…

  • To enjoy the longer days and spring weather – at least, that’s what I’m doing here in Toronto, Canada…
  • To let our mind rest… because reflecting can be energy-consuming…
  • To see if we get a “light-bulb” moment when we stop thinking so hard about that “obstacle”…

And we also need to take the time to reflect back on those “Instant Coaching-Infused Conversations” we had in the last few weeks… and on the Actions we Committed to Take


My reflection about “becoming the CEO of my life”

One of my goals for 2024 is to do some Public Speaking

And that something that definitively feels hard and difficult to do on my own…

So, I’m going to need a “Board of Directors” to help me, support me, and empower me!

And I’m using the reflective questions in the 4 Pistachio-Cassis Newsletters titled “Is 2024 the year YOU become the CEO of your life?” to create that Board of Directors:

  • I know who I want on my Board of Directors for my Public Speaking goal: friends, mentors, professionals, experienced acquaintances
  • I identified who I already know (more than I thought!) and who I’m missing
  • I have a few ideas about how to connect with those “missing” Board of Directors
  • I’ve STARTED to Take Action – like mentioning I’m open for “speaking” when I meet new people, or like joining a network of speakers…

>>> And I’m already scheduled to speak at the Ellevate Toronto Coffee Connection on April 3, 2024: Check it out here!

>>> How about YOU: Are you setting up your own Board of Directors for THAT Goal you’re working on?

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My reflection about “Imposter Syndrome”

You know what, I have a strong feeling of “imposter syndrome” when I think about me doing Public Speaking

So that other Pistachio-Cassis Newsletter series about “Is Imposter Syndrome often on your mind?” was very useful to me too!

  • First of all, do I really see myself as an “imposter”? Or as having “symptoms” that mean I have a “syndrome”? – NO! I may have a whole range of fears and concerns about speaking in front of people I don’t know… but I’d be speaking about something I KNOW about… So, reframing what I REALLY feel helps me move away from the “imposter syndrome”!
  • And because I’m now aware of my REAL feelings, I can now look at HOW to address these specific feelings, rather than facing the hugeness and vagueness of “imposter syndrome”!
  • I can also change the story I tell myself… I can think back to all the many other “public speaking” events I did in the past, even if they were about different circumstances: internal meetings, meetings with clients, joining the Board of a non-profit, etc.
  • And finally, I’ve set-up a “reminder note” in my “public speaking” goal folder about the above, so that I have it readily available whenever I feel “imposter syndrome” showing up when I’m working on my Public Speaking goal!!! That’s my way to START Taking Action to deal with this “imposter syndrome”!!!

>>> And I’m sure I’ll be using that “reminder note” when preparing for my talk at the Ellevate Toronto Coffee Connection on April 3, 2024: Check it out here!

>>> How about YOU: How will you remind yourself of your options to push away “imposter syndrome”?

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