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I finally made it back to France for a couple of weeks, doing a lot of “nothing”, speaking French all day long, spending time with my family, catching-up with a few friends, eating a lot of French food - especially French cheese – and drinking French wine!

Although it’s always very, very nice to go back to France, to the family and friends, I’m always very happy to come back to the home I “made” myself: the country I live in, the flat / house I own or rent, my home-décor that has reminders of the places I’ve been to, the work I do, the new friends I made… Basically, I love getting back to the “space” I created for myself, following my own path (with ups and downs, often trying to figure out if I’d “dare” to take a specific step)…

And that’s a perfect link to step 4 of my 5 Steps to Empowering Yourself to Create the Life and Career You Want:

STEP 4. Pick a Goal

This is a follow-up to the October 2022 Pistachio-Cassis Newsletter.

Whether we have a specific goal in mind or we’ve identified a facet of our life to work on following the “wheel of life” exercise, the question that comes next is “Now what?”. Here are some tips on how to proceed from there… I’d suggest that the best way to proceed is to go through this self-reflecting and brainstorming process several times, on our own as well as with someone else, such as a life coach, or someone on our “personal board of director”:

  • What’s Important about that Goal?
  • What Does Success Look Like?
  • Checking with Ourselves

Read the full article on LinkedIn: Life Coaching: Goal Set… and Now What? (Part 1)

Picking a goal, and making sure it’s the “right” goal for you, is a big step… so I divided the related article into 2 parts, with part 2 coming up next months!

If you want to know more about the 5 steps right now, click here to get the 5 Steps to Empowering Yourself to Create the Life and Career You Want guide!

So, how are you getting on with picking your priority goal(s)?

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Other News about Pistachio-Cassis Coaching

Let’s be honest here: I was getting ready to go back to France for a couple of weeks after 3 years… and I definitively was in a “holiday” mood well before my flight took off… so October was a “slow” month…

But I did manage to have another article published by Brainz Magazine: "Which Career Path To Follow ‒ The One In Front of You, The One Shown By Others, Or Your Own?"

A little more about Pistachio-Cassis Coaching’s practice…

You may have noticed that I don’t offer individual coaching sessions… If you’re wondering why, here is the reason:

It’s very, very, very unlikely that we’ll get any decent result from a single coaching session, because:

  • We’ll not have had the time to get to know each other enough for an in-depth reflection.
  • We’ll not have been able to assess your present situation: How well do you know who you REALLY are? How well do you know who you REALLY want to be?
  • Transformational coaching (implementing and maintaining new habits during the coaching experience) is a long-term effort, with ups and downs, to allow you time to reflect on different aspects of your life and to experiment with steps forward.
  • Even shorter-term coaching (implementing new habits during the coaching experience, but letting you attempt to maintain these habits on your own after the coaching has ended) still requires several sessions, with ups and downs, for you to reflect and experiment.
  • It’s not unusual for you, as client, to reflect and move forward with one goal over several sessions.

However, if you’ve already been through a coaching experience and simply need to start reflecting on a goal, or to fine-tune a step forward, then an individual coaching session can be organized…

Interested, or simply curious? Book a free 45-minute Empower Yourself Discovery Call! If you haven’t already booked one…

“Coaching Moments” We Can All Enjoy & Practice

Do you feel inspired to tell your own story – even if only to yourself?

Well, here is another Coacharya webinar that I really enjoyed listening to, entitled “Tell your own story” (Coacharya - YouTube) - But how do we do that? Here are my favorite quotes (and inspirations!):

  • “Go ahead and make the most truest version of who you think you are” - Anuradha Grover Tejpal
  • “It’s not just about accepting yourself, it’s also about being happy to be by yourself. […] I made a conscious effort in forcing myself into uncomfortable situations by myself […] even though it’s hard. […] It means that when a door opens for you, you’re more likely to walk through that door.” - Magda Walczak
  • “If people don’t listen to your voice and don’t come along with you, you walk alone. Because it’s your journey. […] Because at the moment we’re comfortable by ourselves, we start to get like-minded people […]” - Komal Smriti

Ever thought of changing career, of doing something completely different with your life?

Well, I was reminded of when I was in this situation when listening to “Episode 21 #100MasterCoaches with Libby Robinson” (#100MasterCoaches - YouTube), where Libby Robinson explains her transition to coaching… having started by studying computer sciences and systems planning & management!

  • “There are people listening [who think to themselves]: but this is what I studied, this is where I got some years of experience…” - Mel Leow
  • “Taking the leap [to do something else] is one of the hardest things to do because it can feel like “Oh my god, I’m never going to make any money again…” I think the pain sometimes has to be great enough… and I knew that the path I was on was not going to make me happy and I knew there was something more but I couldn’t put my finger on it. So I had to do something, so I went toward the things that made me happy” – Libby Robinson

Are you now going back to these questions, maybe with a different perspective?

“Secret” Life Coaching Techniques We Can All Use

What’s your first reaction when your path is “interrupted” by something unexpected?

  • Annoyance? Anger? Worries about how it’s going to disrupt your path forward? Or
  • Excitement about potential new possibilities? Taking the time to enjoy the beauty of this interruption, or the peace that it may be bringing? Or
  • A bit concerned, wondering if this is a potential opportunity, a neutral event, or a disaster waiting to happen?

In the case of this art sculpture, encountered somewhere on a path on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada – I simply stopped to enjoy this “oeuvre d’art”, especially admiring the finesse of the nature-shaped details of the metal sculpture…

But I could also have viewed it as a human-made modern “artefact” that was disrupting the beauty of nature…

So, what’s your perspective when your path is “interrupted” by something unexpected?

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