Welcome to the December 2022 Pistachio-Cassis Newsletter

Here we are… the last month of 2022!

For me, it’s been a year of taking many 1st steps to create the life and career I want for myself…

  • Deciding to “just” get on with switching from being a construction professional to being a professional life coach
  • Completing my professional life coaching training
  • Officially registering my practice under the name of Pistachio-Cassis Coaching
  • Building Pistachio-Cassis Coaching’s business, including a website and the “back-end” systems that come with an online business
  • Creating the Pistachio-Cassis Newsletter
  • Writing and publishing articles on LinkedIn and in Brainz Magazine
  • “Catching” opportunities to speak at events
  • Coaching, coaching, coaching…

Of course, there are many other 1st steps that I didn’t take (yet)… and I know it’s only the beginning of a long journey, with many intermediary stops and detours… But as long as I look forward to this journey, despite the “downs” that inevitably come around, I’m happy to be on that ride!

I’m sure you too had many “1st steps” this year – many of which probably don’t come to mind right away… They don’t have to be BIG… They just have to BE! And, who knows, a little step in 2022 might lead to a bigger step in 2023…

Coincidently, the Pistachio-Cassis Newsletter ends the year with the last step of my 5 Steps to Empowering Yourself to Create the Life and Career You Want:

STEP 5. Take the First Step to Create the Life and Career You Want

This is a follow-up to the November 2022 Pistachio-Cassis Newsletter.

Setting a goal, understanding what’s important about it and what “success” would be like are very important, but more is needed to identify the steps required to move forward with that goal – and, more importantly, to identify the first steps to take!

So, what else do we need to move forward? Let’s think about:

  • What do we need to achieve our goal?
  • Who could support us?
  • How to establish a broad roadmap?
  • What’s our commitment level?
  • Celebrating the small wins and successes

Read the full article on LinkedIn: Life Coaching: Goal Set… and Now What? (Part 2)

If you want an overall view of these 5 steps in one place, click here to get the 5 Steps to Empowering Yourself to Create the Life and Career You Want guide!

If you’re into setting yourself up with intentions / goals in January, this latest edition of the Pistachio-Cassis Newsletter is perfect for you…

You now have a guide to support your decision making about deciding which steps to take in 2023…

So, what is it going to be?


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Other News about Pistachio-Cassis Coaching

  • Early December, Coacharya (a leading coaching training provider) profiled me in one of their Alumni Spotlight…
  • On December 8, I presented a workshop “Empowering Yourself to Create the Life and Career You Want in 2023: Do you know your “Ground Conditions”?” to the Women in CGS (Canadian Geotechnical Society - Southern Ontario Section (CGS-SOS))
  • On December 13, I published my article “Life Coaching: Goal Set… and Now What? (Part 2)”, which concludes this series of articles discussing my 5-step process to “Empowering Yourself to Create the Life and Career You Want”
  • And finally, here is the “cherry on the cake”… Being awarded the Brainz 500 Global Award, by the Brainz Magazine Selection Committee, in recognition of “entrepreneurial success, achievements, and dedication to helping others”...

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“Coaching Moments” We Can All Enjoy & Practice

If you follow me on LinkedIn, you may have seen these “coaching moments” already… Here are my 2 favorite ones:

Do you ever ask yourself “What might be possible if you could draw on all of your capacities?”

Michael Bungay Stanier, How To Do Stuff That Matters newsletter, July 21, 2022

Do you remember when you had to decide what to do with your life: learn on the job, become a trade person, go to university?

Were you thinking about all your capacities… or just the ones that seemed more likely to get you on a career path?

It certainly was the latter for me…

How about in your current situation? Are you looking at integrating these capacities in your day to day job?

For me, it took a while to realize I needed to do something about that, because “limiting” my career to just a few of my capacities wasn’t working for me anymore…

So, take the time to reflect… especially with the beginning of a new year approaching fast!  

“Every choice leads to a certain type of adventure”

– Mel Leow (#100Mastercoaches series - “Episode 25 #100MasterCoaches with Benita Stafford-Smith”)

What comes up to your mind when you hear / read this statement?

I love the term “adventure”… Because it resonates with “new experiences”, “doing something different”, “learning”… even if it also resonates with “unknown”, “out of my comfort zone”, “what if it doesn’t work out?”…

But life is full of choices, whether we like making decisions or not… even deciding to no “nothing”, or to follow the path that opens in front of us, or to stay “quiet” in our corner… are choices!

How are you choosing your adventure by expressly making a choice?

“Secret” Life Coaching Techniques We Can All Use

If you follow me on LinkedIn, you may have seen these “secret” life coaching techniques already… but as it takes time (and practice) to create new habits, here is a recap. of the November 2022 “secret” life coaching techniques!

Have you ever heard that the meaning of the words we say to ourselves matter?

Have you ever heard that our thoughts, our self-talk, affect how we perceive our circumstances?

How about when you don’t know (right away) how to deal with an issue, how to move forward in a situation?

– What do you say to yourself?

  • That you have no idea, are helpless… and that you need someone else to give you options (such as a mentor, a consultant, a boss), or maybe even THE answer? Or
  • That you may not know right now, but with some reflection – especially with a thinking partner (such as a coach), someone who’s supporting you in your reflection and taking you “places” where you wouldn’t have gone on your own – surely you can find a way that works for you and fits with who you are… because you are creative, resourceful and whole…

So, what would you like to say to yourself, what words would you like to use: “helpless” or “creative, resourceful and whole”?

When we think about changing our perspective, we often think about looking down

at something from higher grounds… but what about looking up at something from lower grounds…

- like admiring the autumn colors of the leaves right above your head, instead of the overall picture you get at eye level?

What do you see?

What if the yellow, brown and orange leaves represented all the work you’ve done until now, all the steps taken, all the obstacles taken care of…?

What if the falling leaves represented the “getting rid of the past” so you can keep moving forward?

And what do you see behind these leaves: a pale blue sky, the sun shining, the future…?

Or… what comes up to you when you look at what’s above you, rather than at eye level, or below you?

2022 is ending soon, and 2023 is coming up on us very quickly…

But how do you feel about it? How do you see what’s ahead of you?

Like in this photo (taken at Grail Springs Retreat, Bancroft, Ontario, Canada):

  • Is it the start or the end of the day?
  • Is it the premise of a foggy / sad day?
  • Is it a sign that the mist is going away and making space to a beautiful day?

What other perspective come to mind when you see this image… when you think about the end of something (2022) and the start of something else (2023)?

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Let’s make the best of the last few weeks of 2022, before discovering what 2023 will bring us!

And wishing you all a happy holiday season, year-end celebrations, and starting 2023 with a view to what the future could be…


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