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Welcome to the August 2022 Pistachio-Cassis Newsletter

We’re now well into the summer (or the winter if you’re in the northern hemisphere).

Heatwaves, thunderstorms, travel issues, the Pope’s visit to Canada, covid-19 and monkeypox are top of the news here in Canada. But it’s also holiday time for many, whether it’s staycation, going off to the cottage, travelling elsewhere in the country or internationally… And for those who are working throughout August, I hope it’s still time for some relaxation with family and friends in the evenings and weekends!

But whether we’re relaxing on holiday or whenever we can, it’s a great time for some self-reflection! And that’s perfectly aligned with this month’s Pistachio-Cassis Newsletter – because I’m talking about step 1 of my 5 Steps to Empowering Yourself to Create the Life and Career You Want:

STEP 1. Get Clear - Discover Who You Really Are

Feeling that something is missing in our life? That we should be in a different “place” by now? That we’ve reached a “plateau”?

Feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, unsatisfied, with our life?

I think most of us feel like this from time to time. Sometimes these feelings go away on their own after a little while, sometimes we manage to “twist” something in our life that makes these feelings disappear or pushes them away… But sometimes we just have no idea what we can do to make these feelings go away, and even less where to start!

But before even looking at what can we do to make these feelings go away, I suggest we start by getting to know ourselves a little bit more! Simply self-reflecting on who we are… Which, in itself, can be an uncomfortable and overwhelming step to take… However, who says we have to go “all in” at once, potentially spending a lot of time trying to do something we may not be familiar with… Instead, why not go “step by step”, working on better knowing and understanding ourselves “layer by layer”? After all, it took us a long time to get to where we are now, so why rush now and try to do it all at once?

We may think: meditation, journaling, answering “profound” questions about the meaning of our life, counselling, going on retreats… These are all good self-reflecting means, of course… but why not start with something maybe more “down to earth”?

And it’s this “down to earth” approach that I’m exploring in my article “Life Coaching: Let’s Start With Discovering Who We Really Are” - Read the full article on LinkedIn here.

And if you want to know more about the 5 steps right now, click here to get the 5 Steps to Empowering Yourself to Create the Life and Career You Want guide!

So, how are you getting on with discovering who you really are?

Remember: Let’s get to know ourselves better one step at a time, enough to allow us to take the next step (to be discussed next month), but without spending an excessive amount of time trying to know “everything” about ourselves!


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Other News about Pistachio-Cassis Coaching

  •  I recently became an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine… which means I can now have several of my own articles formally published (instead of self-publishing on LinkedIn)! This is something I was planning on pursuing in a few years’ time, but since the opportunity showed up this year, I decided to take it!

Thank you to those of you who responded to my call for topics to write about! I hope you’ll find these articles interesting!

  • At the end of July, I completed my first experience as a volunteer coach with WSTEM TO MentorSHE 2022 program. This was an amazing experience not only because I was able to “give back” using my coaching skills, but also because it’s another step forward to improve diversity in the STEM world!

Introducing how the “Empowering Yourself to Create the Life and Career You Want” works!

  • We start with a free “Empower Yourself Discovery Call”:

There are 2 main purposes to that Discovery Call:

*To assess whether my coaching practice is suitable for you and for the goals you have in mind (even if your goals are not yet fully defined); and

*To assess whether we’re both comfortable working together.

If we both agree that coaching, as I practice it, is suitable for you and that we’re both comfortable working together,

  •  Then the next step is to schedule a free Sample Coaching Session:

The main purpose of the Sample Coaching Session is to clarify the coaching set-up that would be most suited to you – we’ll do this by:

*Exploring where you presently are on my 5-step process to Empowering Yourself to Create the Life and Career You Want;

*Exploring what you’d like to get from a coaching program with me;

*Discussing the most suitable coaching program(s); and

*Discussing any concerns you may have about committing to a coaching program.

I’ll say more about my core coaching programs, in the next Pistachio-Cassis Newsletter.


Interested, or simply curious? Book a free 45-minute Empower Yourself Discovery Call! If you haven’t already booked one… 

“Coaching Moments” We Can All Enjoy & Practice

If you follow me on LinkedIn, you may have seen these “coaching moments” already… but as it takes time (and practice) to create new habits, here is a recap. of the July 2022 “coaching moments”!

Who am I, really? Maybe it’s time to momentarily “forget” all these self-reflection techniques… and just be myself!

  • “We’re all on a different journey” –Marcia Reynolds, WBECS Summit 2022 “COACHING DEMO: Courageous Coaching – Navigating Resistance and Fear”

I love this metaphor!

It’s so important to understand that others are indeed on a different journey to ours: they think differently, they want different things, they have different values and strengths, they have a different view on what success means to them…

What’s your journey like at the moment?

“Secret” Life Coaching Techniques We Can All Use

If you follow me on LinkedIn, you may have seen these “secret” life coaching techniques already… but as it takes time (and practice) to create new habits, here is a recap. of the July 2022 “secret” life coaching techniques!

The iceberg image is often used to represent the fact that what we see, hear, say is only a very small portion of the “subject matter”…

But do we have this image in mind when having a conversation?

In life coaching, we aim at going “below” what the client says by attentively listening to the client, by showing curiosity about what the client actually means, and by letting the client speak…

So, why not use the same technique in our day-to-day conversations? Yes, it takes a bit of practice, but there is nothing difficult in listening, showing curiosity and letting someone else speak…

How can we remind ourselves to “change our perspective” when we’re stuck with a problem, a negative thought?

I’ve recently taken to go back to this photo (somewhere in Saone et Loire, France) – I love the reflection of the trees and of the sky! For me, it’s a reminder to literally look at things from a different angle!

What helps you change your perspective?

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