June 4th, 2023 was Mother’s Day in France (my country of origin)… And it made me think about how she inspired me in making decisions for myself in my late teens and early twenties – even though the world of opportunities ahead of me was so much different (and bigger) than hers at the same age (thank you access to education, feminism, and modernization!)…

Of course, she was one source of inspiration amongst others…

But I think it's nice to, from time to time, remember who inspired us to follow the road we decided to follow… and to reflect on whether it may be time to look for other sources of inspiration, and make a turn on our way forward…

So, who did you look up to for inspiration in the past? And how about now?

  • Family members;
  • Someone in your social circle, in your professional environment;
  • Someone in the news (local, national, international… or in a specialized circle);
  • Some historical figures;
  • Maybe even a fictional character…

Empower yourself - starting with holding yourself accountable…

About last week:

  • How are you getting on with the ONE step you decided to take last week?
  • Did you celebrate after TAKING that step… or did you wait to see the result?

About this week:

  • What’s ONE other step you can take?
  • What’s the “VALUE” (for you) in taking that step?

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