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A couple of weeks ago, I published an article about leading our life and career more intentionally, where I compared our life’s journey to the flow of a river, and asked:

  • If you were content with being a leaf floating along the flow… or
  • If you preferred to be more intentional so that the flow would take you to your destination… by using an appropriate “vessel”…

And my perspective is that the "vessel" is our Professional and Personal Development…

But I decided to look into Professional and Personal Development in a different way to the “normal”:

What’s your “vessel” to being more intentional?

Have you ever thought about the development approaches you’re using to design and build YOUR VESSEL, so you can be more intentional in the way you lead your life and career?:

  • The “Expert-based” Development Approach, in which the flow of information is from the Expert to you - by the way, have you checked out how often you actually apply that information (or advice), and, when you do, how "motivated" you feel?
  • The “Self-based” Development Approach, a method that only includes YOU, and your knowledge and experiences to date, but without any external input - with this approach, the flow of information goes around "in a circle" in your head… and it’s difficult to expand that circle on your own!
  • The “Partner-based” Development Approach, an interactive and reflective conversation, in which you’re the center of attention, but where the Partner is able to reflect back to you about what you said, to ask you questions you wouldn’t think of asking yourself… which allows you to expand your self-reflection in a way you wouldn’t in your own (self-based approach) or in an expert-based approach…

>>>>You can read the whole article here!

More to come about the “Partner-based” Development Approach in future articles!

Empower yourself - starting with holding yourself accountable…

About last week:

  • Did you take the step you had decided to take last week?
  • Did you celebrate after taking that step… or did you wait to see the result?

About this week:

  • What’s one other step you can take this week?
  • What challenges / obstacles could you face?

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