What do you feel, what do you notice within you… when you think of finding yourself in the …

… Unknown, uncertain, uncomfortable???

I know that, for me, there’s a lot going on…

  • Stomach cramps;
  • Questions, like “Do I really want to go there?” or “How can I avoid this situation?”;
  • Sometimes, excitement – when the situation could lead to new opportunities…
  • Other times, the “knowing” that I’ll learn something…

Through the years, I’ve often found myself, willingly or not, in those situations… And I’m sure you have too, Christelle!

Yes, some of these experiences are negatives… but many actually are opportunities to grow – despite the “harshness” of having to deal with the unknown, uncertain, uncomfortable…

What’s YOUR take on it?

Empowering yourself - starting with holding yourself accountable…

So, how did you get on with taking a BREAK, last week?

And now,

  • What’s ONE step you’ve decided to take THIS WEEK?
  • Do you know what you will GAIN from taking this STEP?
  • And do you know what you will LOSE if you don’t take it?

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Have you ever wanted to do “something”…

And then realized there was no one “looking like you” doing this “something”?

If you have, how did you react?

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