I just realized that, 2 years ago, I stepped out of my comfort zone… and self-published my first article on LinkedIn – “6 Reasons Why Women Should Consider the Construction Industry”.

I had been wanting to write for a very long time.

I had been thinking about writing a professional article for a while.

Deciding to actually write something was a BIG decision.

Starting to write was another BIG step.

It took me a very long time to write, to review and re-review it.

And it felt “very scary” to press the “publish” button on LinkedIn…

And what happened next?

Well, I got a few nice comments on LinkedIn, a few other face-to-face comments… and that was it! Nothing "bad" happened!

Just try new things. Don’t be afraid. Step out of your comfort zones and soar, all right? - Michelle Obama

Of course, trying new things is not always as easy as pressing the “publish” button on LinkedIn…

And we all have different criteria to decide what new thing to try, when to try it, and to actually get on with doing it…

And sometimes it can be very scary…

But, at the end, I believe that we’re ready to “step out of our comfort zone” once we’ve resolved the “conflict” between what we need to do to become who we want to be and the comfort of our life right now… I called this the “internal contradiction” in my article “5 Steps I’m Glad I Took to Empower Myself as a Young Professional”.

Empowering yourself - starting with holding yourself accountable…

Last week, we looked at how you were getting on with taking steps to move toward your goals.

The week before, we looked at how you were feeling (and celebrating) taking these steps, and at what was stopping you.

This week, let’s look at “getting out of your comfort zone”:

  • What’s something you really, really want to try out?
  • Are you clear on what’s important about doing this “something”?
  • What’s ONE step you can take to start / prepare for this “something”?

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