It’s mid-January… and you’re probably thinking about all your “New Year’s resolutions” (your 2024 goals!) and telling yourself:

  • When will I find the time to work on those goals?
  • I should really wait for things to get better before spending all that money into that training I need (to achieve my goal)!
  • I’m already so tired with all the things already on my plate! Where can I find the energy I need?

But what if, instead, you could simply:

  • Have a series of conversations with a trusted “friend” during “coffee breaks”
  • About a specific obstacle you’re facing right now
  • And leave each conversation with ONE action - designed by YOU, for YOU - to take right away
  • Leading you to START taking action… and getting used to it!

Well, that’s exactly what my Instant Coaching-Infused Conversation is!

  • A series of 4 conversations – no pressure to give the “right answer” or to “show off”!
  • Of 20 minutes each – the time of a coffee break!
  • Over a period of 4 weeks – so you get into the habit of putting yourself 1st!
  • Virtual – no running around from one meeting room to another!
  • About 1 specific obstacle / goal – one challenge at a time!
  • During which you design your action(s) in your own terms - one at a time!
  • Starting to take action toward your goal / dealing with the obstacle...
  • And getting into the driver's seat of your life and career!


To celebrate the launch of the Instant Coaching-Infused Conversation experience,

I’m offering 15 spots at CAD150.00!

So, book now! Instant Coaching-Infused Conversation


My Instant Coaching-Infused Conversation is ideal for hard-working, busy professional women+ in mid-level management

  • Who dream of a “better life / career”
  • But find it difficult to START taking action toward making that dream a reality!

What makes THIS experience different to any others?

  • It’s specific to YOU: You identify the specific obstacle / goal to work on
  • It’s all ABOUT YOU - and discovering you already have solutions within you
  • It’s about STARTING to take action – No overwhelmed feeling
  • It’s a low time, energy, and financial investment
  • It fits in a busy schedule
  • It’s about progressing in your OWN TERMS
  • It’s an introduction to a different form of professional / personal development


Are you thinking: "That’s just what I need!"?

Then book your Instant Coaching-Infused Conversation experience right now!

Instant Coaching-Infused Conversation


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Looking forward to our Instant Coaching-Infused Conversations!

To Your Success! 


Self-Leadership Awakener – Coach, Facilitator


Christelle Soto-Suarez
Pistachio-Cassis Coaching