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Quite a short word (at least, in English)…with a very strong meaning…

But which meaning actually comes first to your mind when you hear that word?

Is that meaning about:

Power over others, empowering others, empowering yourself?

I didn’t use to like that word because I connected it to “power over others”:

To give somebody the power or authority to do something. (Oxford Dictionary)

Even “empowering others” had a negative connotation in my mind… because I perceived it as “giving power to some people over other people”…

But since learning about life coaching and becoming a professional life coach, I changed my perspective, and now, I love this word… because I see it as “empowering myself / self-empowerment”: finding the strength, the courage, the bravery within myself to take steps toward being who I want to be, doing what I want to do… and accepting that even very small steps are as valuable as the big ones…

To give somebody more control over their own life or the situation they are in. (Oxford Dictionary)

Now, how do YOU perceive the word POWER? What meaning, feelings, and sensations do you want to associate it with?

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Empower yourself - starting with holding yourself accountable…

About last week:

  • Did you take the step you had decided to take last week?
  • If YES, how did it feel (to take action)?
  • If NO, what really stopped you?

About this week:

  • What’s one other step you can take this week?
  • How will you celebrate taking that action?

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