Hello Christelle,

Well, we’re heading toward a busy week:

  • International Day of Peace on September 21, 2023;
  • World Gratitude Day, also on September 21; and
  • Autumn equinox (or spring, depending where you are in the world) on September 23.

Peace, gratitude… and a new season…

Maybe it’s a “sign” to slow down for a few hours, a few days…

Taking the time to enjoy the “peace” that we have, and to think about those who, right now, do not have that chance…

Reflecting on what we’re really grateful for in our life…

But also “getting ready” to harvest the fruits of our 2023 year…

Empower yourself - starting with holding yourself accountable…

About last week:

  • Did you take the step you had decided to take last week?
  • If YES, how did it feel (to take action)?
  • If NO, what really stopped you?

About this week:

  • What’s one other step you can take this week?
  • How will you celebrate taking that action?

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