This new series of Instant Coaching-Infused Conversation is, in a way, a follow-up to the last one – where we looked at how to start setting up your very own personal Board of Directors (to support you with moving forward with your 1st goal)…

Because, in the last few weeks, the expression “Imposter Syndrome” often showed up in my LinkedIn feed and as a topic of networking events…

And what is “Imposter Syndrome” if not an obstacle to moving forward with our goals, our dreams, our vision? That’s certainly my own perspective… and experience!!!

Note – I’m not an expert in “Imposter Syndrome”… This is about a conversation about YOU and this “Imposter Syndrome”!

Instant Coaching-Infused Conversation

So, let’s dive in into this Instant Coaching-Infused Conversation about “Imposter Syndrome”!

And for our first session together, let’s look at: If the term “Imposter Syndrome” did not exist, how would you explain how you feel?

Now, take 20 minutes (over a cup of tea or a coffee, for example) to reflect, using the self-reflective questions below to help you along the way:

  • Think about ONE situation where you thought you had “Imposter Syndrome”
  • How would you describe how you felt, what you noticed about you, what was going through your mind? Do a brain dump – and don’t worry about using the right words!
  • Pick 3 sensations from that brain dump – Pick the ones that “jump” to you…
  • Based on these 3 sensations, how could you name / explain how you felt in that ONE situation (without using ‘Imposter Syndrome”) – for example, to your best friend?
  • And now, what if it was your best friend coming to you and giving you that explanation… How would you feel?
  • “Conclusion”: More importantly, how would you support this best friend in such a situation? And why not support yourself in the same way?

>>>> So, what’s ONE action you’re COMMITTING to do THIS WEEK following this Instant Coaching-Infused Conversation session? (even a small action like scheduling a task in your calendar!)


Imagine taking a 20-minute “coffee-break” to reflect on a specific challenge you have right now, but, instead of being on your own, you’re with someone who really listens to you, “pushes” you to go deeper into that reflection, and empowers you to start taking action

Feeling good about that vision? Then, let’s see what we can do about it!

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Empower YOURSELF! – Virtual accountability partner…

Note - Accountability partner: someone who supports you to “stick to your commitment to yourself”.

"Committing to doing something is a courageous decision

But acting on that commitment on your own can be even more nerve wracking!"

Christelle Soto-Suarez

So, this week, the question I have for you is:

>>>> How do you want your accountability partner to support you?


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