January is well underway, and the New Year’s feel good sensations and excitement may start to fade away, with “normality” coming back slowly… maybe without you even realizing it…

I used to go through this journey of “travelling back to the life I had the previous year”... until I decided to be more effective, to start taking action toward my “dream” life and career… Starting with one small action at a time…

And that’s what this updated Pistachio-Cassis Newsletter 2024 format is aiming at…

Instant Coaching-Infused Conversation (with yourself, a friend or a mentor who knows how to listen…)

Are you one of the many people who’ve decided that, this year, they will take charge of their life?

… and Become the CEO of YOUR Life!!!

But you don’t know where to start… It feels so hard to do this on your own…

Yet, many CEOs are not managing and leading their company on their own… They have a Board of Directors! So, why not YOU?

And that’s the topic of this Instant Coaching-Infused Conversation: Setting up your own Board of Directors!

And for our first session together, I suggest the following “sub-topic”: Who do you need on your Board of Directors?

Now, take 20-30 minutes (over a cup of tea or a coffee, for example) to reflect, using the self-reflective questions below to help you along the way:

  • What are the 3 main challenges you’re facing to reach your 1st goal?
  • What do you need (knowledge, experience, connection, etc.) to address these challenges? Don’t hesitate to do a “brain-dump” of everything that comes to mind!
  • Which of these items can you address on your own (are you sure?), and which ones do you need someone else’s support?
  • What types of person could support you – think in terms of knowledge, work and life experience, similarities with your own situation, etc.? Again, do a “brain-dump”… and don’t limit yourself to people you know!
  • What other questions would you ask your best friend if they were trying to identify who they needed on their own Board of Directors? Then ask yourself that question!
  • “Conclusion”: What are the 9 persons you would like to have on YOUR Board of Directors to support you in addressing the 3 main challenges you’re facing to achieve your 1st goal?

>>>> So, what’s ONE action you’re COMMITTING to do THIS WEEK following this Instant Coaching-Infused Conversation session? (even a small action like scheduling a task in your calendar!)

Empower YOURSELF! – Virtual accountability partner…

Note - Accountability partner: someone who supports you to “stick to your commitment to yourself”.

Committing to doing something is a courageous decision

But acting on that commitment on your own can be even more nerve wracking!

So, this week, the question I have for you is:

>>>> Who is going to be your accountability partner?


Note – Imagine taking a weekly 30-minute “coffee” break to reflect on a specific challenge you have right now, but, instead of being on your own, you’re with someone who really listens to you, “pushes” you to go deeper into that reflection, and empowers you to start taking action

If you’re feeling good about that vision, then book yourself a free 45-minute “exploration” conversation – so we can explore together if this is the right step for you, right now!


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To Your Success! 


Self-Leadership Awakener – Coach, Facilitator

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Christelle Soto-Suarez
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