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Did you know that, just a few days ago, it was International Women Engineering Day – June 23, 2023?

Engineering is everywhere around us, yet we often don’t see or realize it… but we keep using it!

And now, I’m “jumping” from “invisible” engineering to “invisible” possibilities:

You can absolutely be what you can’t see! That’s what innovators and disruptors do. - Kimberly Bryant

  • What is it you’d like to be but you can’t see (yet)?
  • What is it you’d like to do but no one else had done it (yet)?
  • Are you willing to be an innovator/disruptor – at your own scale?

Empower yourself - starting with holding yourself accountable…

About last week:

  • Did you take the step you had decided to take last week?
  • Was that step connected to your new definition of “self-confidence”?
  • If yes, how did you feel?

About this week:

  • And now, what’s your next step? – maybe toward becoming an innovator/disruptor?

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