Did you know that January 24, 2023 is the “International Day of Education”?

I didn’t… but this reminds me of a quote I came across some time ago, and that really stick to my mind:

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of minds to think – Albert Einstein

As a teenager, education (school) was THE way for me to have a different life to my parents’ (nothing wrong with their life – I just wanted something “different”): getting good grades at school, then high-school, then college, then university…

But later I realized that Education is more than that

  • Education is about being able to make my OWN informed decisions – whatever people around me thought I should do,
  • Education is about being able to analyze a situation, to assess it in my OWN way, to balance what I believed to be (probably) right against what I believed to be (probably) wrong,
  • AND Education is found everywhere, if I keep my eyes and ears open: information available, people I speak to, formal and unformal programs, in-person and online, university and professional trainings, around me in the city and in nature…

How about you: What is Education? What is Education for? Where can you find Education?

Empowering yourself - starting with holding yourself accountable…

  • How are you getting on with the ONE step you decided to take last week?
  • Did you celebrate after TAKING that step… or did you wait to see the result?

Now let’s look at this week:

  • What’s ONE other step you can take?
  • What’s the “VALUE” (for you) in taking that step? or What will you GET from it?, What will you LEARN?

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