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The power of storytelling…

That’s a topic that’s coming up quite often in the personal development world…

… and that’s not about children’s storytelling…

… but about grown-ups, well into their personal and professional life experience…

And I’m one of these grown-ups looking at changing the stories we tell ourselves to improve our “chances” of achieving our goals…

In a few words:

I used to tell myself the story of a boulder (me!) going down “life” hoping to smash through obstacles to reach my goal… and that meant a lot of time and energy spent on trying to push, pull, force things to happen… often making it a “bumpy” ride!!!!

But I’m now changing that story to water flowing down, going around obstacles, taking a detour, even sometime appearing to be stuck in a whirlpool… but always going somewhere… making the ride so much smoother (even if not perfect)!!!

It’s a work in progress… but I already feel so much better!!! Because I don’t have to “force” my way through anymore… but I’m learning to see other paths forward that require less energy, cause less stress… and that are more enjoyable!!!

How about you?

>>> How would you feel if you could tell yourself a nicer story?

This week’s Coffee-break Coaching conversation

>>> A short conversation / reflection about a specific challenge that YOU’re facing right now, with YOU leaving with ONE action (designed by YOU, for YOU) to take right away!

This week’s topic: Change the stories you tell yourself… and change your life!

Let’s get you into the “situation”:

  • Maybe it’s about a goal you want to achieve, but things are not “working”…
  • Or it’s your reaction to getting an email from someone…
  • Or you’re on your way to a job interview…
  • Or whatever other type of situations…


Now, imagine that the next 20 minutes are just about YOU (your time, your space, your voice, your thoughts…) and you’re having a deep conversation with me, your coach... Just let your mind wander as you reflect on the questions below…:

  • What goes on in your mind when you’re in that situation?
  • What “story” could that be? – Have multiple “stories” going on? No worry… just pick one for now (you can always re-do the reflection later on).
  • How do you feel about that story? – Don’t try to make any sense of it… just get words out (and feel free to write them down)!
  • How would you like to feel instead? – If you’re overwhelmed by this question, then just think about “how feeling a little better” would be like…
  • What story would go with that feeling? – You can also use metaphors, images, colors, smells… Whatever works for you is good!!!
  • “Conclusion”: How could you “trigger” your mind to switch from the negative story to the positive one?

>>>> So, what’s ONE action you’re COMMITTING to do THIS WEEK following this Coffee-break Coaching conversation? (even a small action like scheduling a task in your calendar!)


If you’d like additional support to take THIS action, to continue THIS conversation, or to START taking action on another goal / challenge, work with me and my Coffee-break Coaching experience:

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    • May 3, 2024 (8:00 – 8:30am ET) / May 10, 2024 (12:00 – 12:30pm ET): Where is your personal Board of Directors?
    • May 17, 2024 (8:00 – 8:30am ET) / May 24, 2024 (12:00 – 12:30pm ET): Are you procrastinating and resisting working on your goal?

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