I’m curious, Christelle,

Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something… because you didn’t see anyone like you doing this “something”?

Personally, this is an issue I’ve struggle with quite a lot…

  • As a teenager who wanted a different life to the lives of the people around me;
  • As the first in my family to have access to higher education;
  • As the first in my social circle to study abroad;
  • As a woman in construction;
  • As someone who doesn’t want to “fit in” just to have an easier life…

But, a few years ago, having a “substantial” life experience, I realized that it was time to take steps to be an example (to some degree) to the younger generation… To be the role model I would have liked to have!

Well, at least to take a few steps in that direction! And I talk about it in one of my earlier articles:

>>>> “I’m a Woman in Construction – 4 Simple Ways to Start Addressing the Lack of Role Models

Be the role model you needed when you were younger - Anonymous

So, Christelle, I’m curious…

  • What would you have liked you role model to do?
  • What are you ready to do to be a role model the younger you would have looked up to?
  • What’s one STEP you could do right now… or maybe by the end of the week?

Empowering yourself - starting with holding yourself accountable…

About last week:

  • DID YOU TAKE the step you had decided to take last week?
  • Did you celebrate after TAKING that step… or did you wait to see the result?

About this week:

  • What’s one STEP you could do this week?
  • What’s the “VALUE” (for you) in taking that step?

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In addition to the article I mentioned above, I also recently published one looking at the steps to take after having decided to (start) becoming a role model for others: “How to empower yourself to become the role model you never had - in 4 simple steps!”… one action at a time!

>>>> You can read the whole article here.

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